Ohhh Emmm Geee!!!!….

29 Apr

There IS a LSS in NYC!! I am so freaking excited!!! And they carry A Muse stamps!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates*

I am so tired of large chain stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s and ACMoore, who have the same selection all the time. Granted the prices on basics are good, but I have all the basics already so all I want are new stamps! Order online you say?? Sure I could, but the shipping, the waiting, the not being able to touch it first and see the size…and the whole instant gratification thing =) Besides you have to order quite a few things to make up for the shipping and such and sometimes one just can’t afford to drop $50+ at a time =( So to my delight I discovered that there is an amazing stamping store in Manhattan and they have thousands of stamps and ink and papers and classes *hyperventilates again*

The cherry on top is that they carry A Muse stamps and I have had a virtual cart of A Muse stuff I want for 3 weeks now and now I can see it all in person!!! And of course buy one or two things!! I will post what I get when I do go, for now I just wanted to share my excitement =D



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